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Closing Saw Mill saved by WCOM™

Client situation & approach

Our client is a saw mill producing 85 000 sq m of customized sawn timber for carpentry. The saw mill was at risk of being closed due toa declining trend in efficiency in the production process deriving froma high amount of breakdowns, short stops and quality problems. Tostay in business our client needed to increase efficiency from 30 %to 34 %. After conducting an analysis to identify the biggest losses, cross-functional improvement teams were put together to eliminate losses and improve efficiency. In addition to this, all employees weretrained in the improvement methods.


  • Efficiency was increased from 30 % to 38 % in average per week
  • Saw mill still operating thanks to the extensive improvement
  • Awareness throughout the whole organization on breakdowns, short stops and quality problems and how these factors affects equipment efficiency