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Contract Management in the Rolling Stock Sector

Client situation & approach

An Italian leader in high-speed trains design and manufacture of, with more than 2,000 employees, entered into separate contracts for the design and manufacturing of 100 high speed diesel trains.  This was in response to the need of a primary railway operator to modernise its train fleet. 
EFESO was asked to carry out industrial and economical evaluations and to work in a joint task force alongside the legal office and the company’s management to:  

  • Support the negotiations with a wide range of activities, including the elaboration of specific analysis and task force coordination
  • Support the Client in the day by day management of the complex contractual framework
  • Achieve an amicable settlement between the Client and the final customer
  • Execute the projects in compliance with the mutual contractual obligations, reducing the possible rise of future disagreements


  • Avoidance of the contract termination risk
  • Mitigation of damages requested by the counterpart for the delivery delays
  • Agreement on the supply of additional value-added services in lieu of the cash payment