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OpEx & Focused Improvement used to optimise customer service areas in Forestry & Paper company

Client situation & approach

Our client is a manufacturer of publication paper facing a decreasing demand from the market and needs to focus on cash flow and reducing operational costs.

  • Customer service offices have been closed and the remaining ones need to handle an increased workload
  • KPIs show differences in performance across markets
  • Known differences in daily work across markets and employees

Initially, an estimation of time-splitting between core tasks was executed and the formation of a core team. Workshops were held to define a future way of working for several processes, a plan to deploy a common way of working through local training and follow-up through daily meetings as well as the execution of the deployment.


  • Definition and documentation of 20 main procedures for daily tasks
  • Deployment through 45 local training sessions
  • Higher integration between offices
  • Prerequisites created for a shared Performance Control System