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  • What we do

    What we do

    Co-creating the industrial future

  • What we do

    What we do

    Co-creating the industrial future

Better performance

Improving Results Today While Securing Results for Tomorrow

How do we create tangible value now and continue to do so in a sustainable way? By working with you and your people, we start by understanding your challenges and solving problems within your operations.

We drive towards operational excellence. And we regard increased digitization, Industry 4.0, human dynamics and sustainability as efficiency and growth facilitators.

Your Partner for your Transformation Journey

Once challenges have been identified, our teams will work within your organization, together with your teams to make concrete top-line and bottom-line improvements that can be seen quickly and easily. And key to the EFESO ethos is making the changes we make now sustainable, so your organization continues to benefit.

We achieve short term successes while establishing a framework and fundamentals for long term improvement.

We instill the insight, training, and tools necessary to bring change forward.

Renowned for building internal capability

EFESO is renowned for building the internal capability of its clients, helping them create efficient manufacturing systems, adaptive supply chains and industrial digitization. We have an extensive knowledge base that we employ in adapted ways for each assignment. Our consulting teams blend business and people management skills with a passion for introducing change that people can really buy into.

We generate positive difference with our clients, and directly anchor them to help future-proof investments and bolster the long-term health of the whole organization. In fact, we go a step further in building in-house capabilities. The pieces of the puzzle continue to fit together, to work together, to foster tangible, fast and sustainable outcomes and, ultimately, increase your competitive advantage.

And that is how you start to create true value through positive change.

Balancing results together

When we work with you, together we will balance results today and results tomorrow.

It is not only about generating results quickly. It is also about moving your organization in the direction where it will be able to generate results tomorrow.

Results today

Delivering tangible performance improvement in the short term (boost approach)

Results tomorrow

Investment in the processes, capabilities, assets, etc, to ensure you will continue to realize target results in the medium/long term (build approach)

What customers say about us

  • To make Port of Antwerp future-proof, we had to reinvent the role of the port. That is why we started a radical change process, ranging from a new mission, vision, values, roles, strategic priorities and objectives, to a new organizational structure and culture. In order to realize such a major change, you must not only dare to pioneer, you must also be assisted by the right people. ROI-EFESO was a reliable partner in this process that went straight for its goal.

    - Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Port of Antwerp

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Let's co-create your industrial future