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Innovation; Seven ingredients for success

In face of a time of unprecedented change, your innovation and development department is a life-line for progression, allows you to adequately respond to your customer needs and stay ahead of your competitors.

Organisations turn more and more to this area to increase the leverage on their total life-cycle costs. The potential gains are significant, but the challenges are too.

In our experience the ingredients for innovation success are the following:

  1. Strategic Portfolio Management - from vision to execution.
  2. Performance Management - tracking effectiveness and managing deviations.
  3. Risk Management & priority setting - spreading risk and managing progress
  4. Visual Management & agility - See what is happening and respond fast
  5. Encourage collaborative work - rewards on team with room to breathe
  6. Learning and Knowledge re-use - learn, capitalise and share
  7. Zero waste and continuous improvement
Seven ingredients for key innovation success

Seven ingredients for key innovation success

Applying these ingredients well will ensure that Innovation initiatives are planned, designed and implemented in the best possible way, preventing the creation of hidden factories that have a negative impact on performance.

EFESO is your partner to chart the course for future success in the rough seas and changing winds of innovation. We help you with your continuous PROGRESSION from planning of new projects or initiatives, to execution and program management, to sustained development and improvement.