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Business Process Excellence

To speed up the End to End Sustainable Progression in a company, a vital ingredient is to achieve World Class performance in knowledge based or business processes i.e. the activities which take place in offices and not in factories, mainly cross functional.

To achieve such a level in business processes, an even more vital role than usual is played by the “human capital” and it is fundamental that Management creates the right conditions and environment to maximize this potential.

Every company has unique characteristics that affect how a new method is applied and how long it takes to do so. EFESO Consulting professionals can help you to adapt the most common implementation phases to your environment;

  • Strategic focus - To align the initiative with your business imperatives and select the priority business processes to rapidly improve 
  • Lean planning to define gaps: 
    • Value Stream Mapping / Makigamito clarify how current processes are organized and to identify wastes and losses; 
    • Business Modelling to describe what the future state should look like, to enable you to delight the customer in an efficient way;
    • Maturity Assessment;
    • Change Readiness Assessment to make an early analysis of people capabilities and adoption of change
  • Quick wins & pilot - In order to achieve the first rapid results and to gain credibility
  • Expansion, Stabilisation & Renewal - Expansion to other key business processes and creation of the necessary capabilities (technical and human) to sustain and continue the progression.