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Innovation, R&D and Product Development

Being innovative is just the start; being sharp, fast and agile innovators is essential to succeed and outperform competitors in growth and profit.

Innovation is managed multi-functionally, always focusing on maximizing Value Creation across the E2E Value Chain and closing gaps vs the Business Needs of the Value Chain (“if we touch it, make it better”) 

Innovation leaders transform uncertainty into opportunities, they are prepared for fast failures and to learn from every experience. Innovation is about re-usingknowledge, so more than one option is always considered by the R&D team so there is learning during progression.

It is more important to create disciplined, repeatable processes than perfect, overengineered ones. 

Great strategy is to be able to collaborate with partners in the Value Chain, to incorporate ideas from different sources and to then extract essential value for both new and existing customers. 

AlongsideNew Product Development, EFESO’s innovation service covers other key areas such as:

  • Front End Innovation:to learn to “dream the impossible” and then to build a competitive vision
  • Portfolio Management:to balance initiatives and capacity while having regard for a sound strategy
  • New Product, Technology, and Operations introductions, including Technical, Commercial and Financial Readiness and Manufacturing 4.0 topics
  • Platform Lifecycle Management:to leverage Scale and Speed and optimize life cycle costs across the value chain through the following years
  • Lean Design and Design Thinking: providing new meaning to products/services with optimal cost/value ratio

EFESO provides Innovation teams with the capability to maintain a culture of innovation and growth by using part of our approach to Human Dynamics which is especially relevant in knowledge intensive environments.