Contract Management has become a major source of value and growth for many companies. Proper attention to Contract Management enables companies to timely identify opportunities, reduce losses that arise from  the negative effects of Terms and Conditions, and manage risks proactively. According to recent research by IACCM – the International Association for Contractual and Commercial Management, on average 10% of projects' ROI is lost due to weaknesses in Contract Management.

Indeed, today’s organizations face complex challenges such as:

  • Collaboration with clients and suppliers, which is vital in the ecosystem of any company
  • Contract Management activities have become more sophisticated, requiring effective cross functional collaboration and a dedicated competency
  • Frequency and complexity of claims, and disputes between clients and suppliers, have significantly increased
  • Marginality in projects is more and more connected to grab opportunities and mitigating risks during the contractual life cycle

Our Contract Management Excellence practice supports Clients in:

  • Developing and adopting best Contract Management practices and processes
  • Leveraging Contract Management as a way to strengthen collaboration with clients and suppliers
  • Reducing losses and generating value at any stage of the Contract lifecycle, from bid to execution and close-out, including dispute resolution and Arbitration/Litigation
  • Our experts will help you to develop a Contract Management life-cycle approach using knowledge building blocks that have been developed, tried and tested in the field.

Our Contract Management Excellence programs have delivered 5 to 10 percentage points of EBITDA improvement with a value of several EUR Million - gained through a combination of interventions including contract drafting, negotiation and execution, deal structuring and litigation support.

As our Contract Management Excellence practice is fully integrated in the EFESO WCOM™ approach, we can ensure integration into existing Operational Excellence programs to further multiply synergies and results.