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Organisational Strategy

A Fit-to-Win Organisation to ensure a successful strategy

61% of companies (according to the Economist’s Intelligence Unit1) face difficulties in executing their strategy successfully because of gaps in their organisation.

A company’s organisation is its body. Like an elite athlete who has trained to be the best in one sport, many companies excel at certain activities but lack fundamental, holistic fitness: a body capable of adapting to real-life physical challenges. 

A Fit-to-Win Organisation resulting from holistic fitness provides the company what is needed to perform  well :

  • agility in a real business world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), 
  • successful strategy execution
  • cost optimisation (e.g.: optimized resources allocation, overheads costs reduction from 10 to 20%,..)
  • achievement of synergies between the company’s activities, from mergers and acquisitions, and activities at the extended company level, i.e. with the company’s network partners.
  • talents’ engagement 

Following the EFESO 6-step holistic approach, the companies can ensure consistency with the mid- and long-term strategy and deliver growth and profitability in a progression sustainable journey.

EFESO is able to support you in building your tailored-made Fit-to-Win Organisation for the business today and in the future so you can concentrate on winning your race.