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World Class Operations Management (WCOM™) & Operational Excellence

We achieve Operational Excellence with our EFESO WCOM™ - World Class Operations Management – which is our unique engine to help our clients accelerate their progression speed, enabling them to reach the pace of change required to maintain / gain their market leadership, in a sustainable way.

Our WCOM™ system has been applied in hundreds of companies in different continents, spanning all latitudes and cultural conditions as well as operating in different sectors.

WCOM™ enables you to achieve immediate and “league changing” results (Results today) and sustain them over time (Results tomorrow) by creating managerial systems and enabling the true transfer of capabilities, both technical and human, in terms of Adoption, Leadership and Performance Behaviour.

WCOM™ takes the best of Lean, TPM and Six Sigma and solidly links them to the Strategy of our clients and to their End to End Concurrent Progression journey.

WCOM™ enriches the classic strategic (orientation and prioritization) and specific (tangible results) interventions with a systemic dimension, changing the DNA of the functioning of a company in a structural way. The company Performance Control System is enhanced and tightly linked with the Improvement System in a Single Agenda fashion.

We apply WCOM™ in tandem with our clients. This means we challenge people to grow professionally, we continuously involve and motivate the employees, we empower the leaders and make them truly responsible for the final results, which leads to increased ownership and leadership. Truly working in tandem means that we empower the internal company resources to lead the Improvement programmes which create the long term sustainability - we do it with our clients, not to our clients.

Our consultants and clients have access to the combined knowledge developed via the EFESO Toolkit, which is continuously updated with latest standards and methods and translated in 23 languages. It is also possible for our clients to develop their own proprietary toolkit.

The application of WCOM™ has a demonstrable strong impact on our clients financial results; from top line growth to double digit cost reductions. WCOM™ makes the most of existing assets (both technical and human), thus not requiring large investments. 

The first book about WCOM™ has been recently published, click here for more information or contact the author and EFESO Partner Carlo Baroncelli.