Creating a Sustainability Culture

Sustainability Culture

The one thing a fish will never see is the water it swims in! Creating a sustainability culture is a key challenge for organizations.

When striving for sustainability, companies often overlook the changes needed in their organization and culture. Managerial and operational practices, along with systems that have made a company successful in the past, may be what’s hampering the successful integration of a sustainability culture at the core of their strategy and operations.

Working with senior management, we consciously take a step back to identify possible stumbling blocks in the company’s processes and systems (for example project evaluation meetings, strategy and business planning meetings, performance management approach, dashboards used in strategic and operational meetings, or topics addressed leadership meetings), and define a progression plan to move to the required culture.

We then support management and employees with a change management plan which includes the awareness and knowledge creation sessions necessary to create the required change of mind-set.