Helping a pharma company move toward an environmental commitment

Client situation and challenge

A multinational biopharmaceutical company, headquartered in Belgium, wanted to make substantial environmental commitments by 2030. Including pledges to:

  • Reach carbon neutrality (35% C02 reduction)
  • Reduce water consumption by 20%
  • Reduce waste by 25%

To translate these objectives into a practical and structured plan that could deliver results, our client needed to break down these targets by department and plant – and include them in a progression plan that contained both structural and behavioral improvements.


Together with the client team, we designed the overall engagement approach, progression, and measurement plan. This included a change management program to implement and anchor the desired ‘green’ culture.

We also raised awareness of the client’s aim to become greener in the future, in line with the appropriate management system and the desired behavior at key decision moments.

Our joint teams co-created green progression roadmaps with concrete actions and initiatives, including a structured methodology, aligned with other workstreams.

Last but not least, we helped empower leaders as role models and ambassadors moving the company toward this green culture.


Over the course of a year, we delivered the following achievements:

  • A compelling and easy to understand storyline – Working on the pride of scientists​, making the abstract KPI’s concrete, clarifying the ambition of the change in operations
  • Green progression roadmaps per workstream – with improvement actions and timeline, including breakdown in manageable cycles (2020, 2025, etc)
  • Carefully selected artefacts with strong symbolic value
  • Adoption of monitoring system based on awareness, attitude, and behavior – measured monthly through green notifications
  • Integration of a ‘green reflex’ – a mindset introduced into daily operational meetings
  • Increased employee engagement through a participative improvement approach (green teams)
  • A scalable program that put management in the driving seat and enabled them to continue the program without external support