Industry 4.0 Services

EFESO Digital solutions are fully integrated and take a holistic view on how to meet the Industry 4.0 challenge. That includes taking into consideration the human side of Industry 4.0, one of the most important element if not the most critical.

With this approach, EFESO is capable of boosting client results, offering a true and very pragmatic business partnership. EFESO Consulting guides clients into exploring the potential of Industry 4.0, future proofing your company.

Digitalization Strategy

Holistic Smart Factory Concept (PHD: Processes, Human Dynamics, Digitalization), with a transparent business case and feasible roadmap. Quick check and maturity assessment, together with uses cases (> 400 use case library), co-development of target picture and detailed solution concepts (> 100 eco-system partners) and development of business case and roadmap (short-mid-long-term).

Organization and People 4.0

Capturing the potential offered by Industry 4.0 requires fundamental changes in Leadership, encompassing new capabilities and behaviors. EFESO helps companies achieve the full potential of People 4.0 through our Digital Center (DC). DC is the leader and driver of the digital transformation for Industry 4.0 and provides digital specialists and methods, develops and adapts the digital roadmap and spreads digital mindset throughout the company.

Digital Transformation Management

Make it happen: Ensure that the target picture is implemented on time with the right partners and within the defined budget. Program and project management, together with vendor selection, integration and coordination of all partners & suppliers.

Advanced Analytics & Digital Twin

Support industrial companies in the use of data along the entire value chain. Implementation of digital twins to improve performance and quality of supply chains, production processes, maintenance and service, selection of IoT architecture up to the anchoring of the new competencies and roles in the organization. EFESO advises clients on strategic and technical issues as well as on employees qualification.

Operational Excellence 4.0 & WCOM 4.0

With SOLVACE SaaS platform, we focus on delivering productivity, transparency and insights through the digitalization of Operational Excellence processes. SOLVACE is a trusted partner for EFESO’ Operational Excellence 4.0 service.

Digital Shopfloor Management

Digitization of shopfloor management based on real-time information to enable better decision-making and eliminate non value-added activities. Implementation of digitized standards for shop floor management routines and anchoring of problem-solving procedures in everyday life.

Security Governance Check

With this Industry 4.0 service, EFESO analyzes the degree of Digital Maturity regarding Operations IT security. With the Security Governance Check, we are able to identify weaknesses, threat scenarios and fields of action.

Scalable IT and IoT Architecture

Integrated IT landscape to support the corporate digitalization strategy and enable a seamless data integration. Target IT Landscape (based on strategic and operative process requirements), IT Organization and Operating Model, feasible implementation plan.

Training Programs

The Training Programs enable leaders and experts to be drivers of the industrial digitization. These programs provide required skills in a pragmatic approach, with a sustainable learning success based on self-experiencing.

Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics

Identify opportunities through the use of new production technologies such as automated guided vehicles, cobots (collaborative robot), augmented reality, wearables and much more, and through additive manufacturing. Complete customer support, from the understanding of the initial situation to the successful implementation of new production concepts.