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Behavior Based Safety: Time to Replace “I Have to” Safety Behavior with “I Want to” Safety Behavior

Every chemical company has safety rules, analysis tools, dashboards and a keen awareness of safety processes.

The question is: Are employees merely following these rules because they are obligated to, or do they genuinely want to prioritize safety? Is safety behavior deeply ingrained in the organization, fostering a proactive culture rather than a reactive one?

This article published on CHEManager International, titled "Time to Replace 'I Have to' Safety Behavior with 'I Want to' Safety Behavior." Authored by Lucas van Engelen, International Expert Human Dynamics, and Michiel Van Den Boomen, Vice President of EFESO Management Consultants, delves into the challenges faced by chemical companies regarding safety behaviors, particularly in light of the recent pandemic and changing workforce dynamics. It examines the impact of compliance-driven safety rules and the need for a profound shift towards intrinsic motivation. The authors highlight the importance of building a safety culture from the ground up, with a shared responsibility among leadership and operators alike.

Throughout the article, practical insights and strategies are provided for creating a new momentum in safety behavior, including the active involvement of operators in defining desired safety behaviors and the implementation of concrete, observable, and standardized practices.

We invite you to read the full article on CHEManager International. Discover how companies can empower their workforce, cultivate a proactive safety culture, and foster a genuine desire for safety rather than mere compliance. Together, let us drive positive change and elevate safety behavior to new heights.

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