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The 2024 Sustainability Through Collaboration Report

Amidst the pressing challenges of sustainability, WBR Insights, together with EFESO Management Consultants, surveyed over 100 chemicals supply chain leaders from various organizations across Europe. The results are detailed in the LogiChem Europe Sustainability Report.

This collaborative report offers a comprehensive overview of the current landscape and prospects, delving into the challenges faced and the innovative solutions being brought to the table.

Key findings

Sharing data

Chemical supply chain leaders face tough challenges around sharing data with key stakeholders in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Forty-six per cent of respondents said data silos remain their biggest challenge. With so many incompatible systems stretched across all functions, chemical manufacturers are struggling to access data in a standardized format which permits accurate and timely sharing.

Implementing circular business models

In their efforts to reduce waste and minimize carbon emissions, many are implementing circular business models. Once successfully integrated, circular business models will be key value creators, lowering the costs of materials through recycling and decreasing energy consumption. According to our research, 84% of organizations surveyed are either developing a circular business model, or plan to implement one in the next two to five years.

Lack of proper infrastructure

A lack of proper infrastructure, tracking emissions and a reluctance to share data are just some of the challenges chemical manufacturers face in their collaboration efforts. Effective collaboration in this space requires total buy-in from all stakeholders, transparency, and a willingness to work together for future thinking. According to our research, this is something the industry is struggling with, and further progress is an absolute must.

Access the full report to:

  • Uncover how promoting open data sharing is building an effective decarbonization strategy
  • Reveal why circular business models is a priority for so many
  • Learn how YOU can be a part of the sustainable future of the chemicals industry
  • Combine emission reduction with a wider company approach to achieve sustainability and ESG goals
  • Get insights from Supply Chain experts at Arkema, The HEINEKEN Company, Shell, Cefic, European Space Agency – ESA, ROI≡EFESO, EFESO and more.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future for the chemicals industry. Access the full report today and unlock the transformative power of collaboration.

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