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Breakthrough to Synchronisation  - Accelerate your end to end performance and growth


It is clear that companies with Synchronised value chains will dynamically adapt and respond faster to the “new normality”. The competitive gap between those companies leading the Sync race, and those yet to get started is only set to grow wider. It’s time for business leaders to embrace Sync and capitalise on the opportunities that synchronised end to end operations can bring.

Our research has shown that there is a huge ambition amongst Supply Chain Leaders to improve the levels of Synchronisation within their organisations, as they clearly see this as a means to improve customer experience and drive end to end performance. However, this report shows that although half of the companies are taking steps forward, they are frustrated by the speed of progress and need help to accelerate their journey. 

To read more on the insights we gained analyzing our survey results and to learn about the Accelerators for Sync and the Barriers to be overcome on the sync journey, request a copy of report here.