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Over 85% of the senior business leaders believe that Digitalization is a top company priority. But do they really have a Digital Strategy in place? In the fifth KnowBoT, our authors Julien Broucke and Massimo Fanton explore why Digitalization is such an important asset in an Industry 4.0 environment and how companies can effectively plan a Digital Progression strategy within the CDVC Framework.

As businesses become more agile, deploying digital solutions has become a necessity to augment people with more computing power. Organizations should consider three crucial aspects to deploy a successful Digital Progression – choosing the right technology; using advanced analytics to optimize the E2E value chain; and transform leadership for change and progression.

Read on to know more about the ‘D’ in CDVC and Operations Digital Maturity Baselining - a digital maturity assessment to give a perspective on how companies can plan their Digital Progression strategy.

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