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Unveiling the Future of Digitalization in French Industry

In an interview conducted by Alliancy, a leading magazine specializing in digital transformation, Roberto Maroncelli, Managing Director of EFESO France, shared his view and experience regarding challenges and successes that industrial organizations achieved when it comes to the digital revolution.


What are the levers activated by industry professions to avoid the syndrome of unfinished digitalization? How do they avoid frustrations on the ground? And how do they link their methodology of operational excellence with new digitalization tools?

Partnering with Solvace, EFESO Management Consultants is championing a significant leap forward for French manufacturers in their digital journey. Together, we're charting the course for a transformative era in industry.

This insightful dialogue sheds light on the main trends in digitalization within the French industrial landscape. The success of ambitious digital transformations hinges on their adoption by the teams driving them.

Hear also from other industry professionals to discuss these topics, such as Christophe Boulaire, Groupe Sagemcom; Dina Haggag from Collins Aerospace, Frank Lüders from Air Liquide and Dominique Maisonneuve from Lacroix Electronics

Discover the strategies and methodologies developed by industry professionals to ensure a seamless transition into this digital frontier.

Read the full interview [Guide "Les usines et leur digitalisation" | Alliancy] and embark on a journey into the future of digitalization in French industry.