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Business Transformation and Progression


Companies operate in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world that requires continuous progression. The quality and the speed of their progression makes the difference between thriving or faltering. We help our clients achieve sustainable progression, balancing tangible business results faster (“Results today”) and, at the same time, developing capabilities, leadership and culture to continue to improve faster than competition in the future (“Results tomorrow”).

We engineer the combination of continuous improvement, transformation and disruption approaches to yield the most effective and durable Progression Results Driving progression is about mastering, influencing and exploiting several dynamics. Our mindsets and methodologies integrate 4 basic dynamics:

  • Value Dynamics - Understand the quickly changing patterns of value creation, to focus on what will really make the difference in terms of quality, functionality, experience, time to market
  • Flow Dynamics - Streamline flows (processes, activities, …) to deliver the target value
  • Asset Dynamics - Ensure the optimization of the lifecycle and value/cost ratio of key assets such as machines, infrastructures, data, brands, intellectual property
  • Human Dynamics - Enhance the commitment, competence and culture of people, applying adoption, anchoring and leadership expertise and taking into account the fundamental differences between populations (sales, field technicians, train managers, planners)

We will fully blend technical methodologies (like Lean, TPM, service design, …) with human change expertise, developing a virtuous cycle of hard and soft realizations. We also jointly progress at micro level (individual teams on the field) as well as at macrolevel (units, companies, value chains and eco-systems), connecting these levels rather than tolerating friction, misunderstanding or conflict between them.

Our progression approach enriches both the classic strategic intervention (orientation and prioritization) and the specific intervention (tangible specific results) with a systemic dimension, by changing the DNA of a company in a structural way. We know how to break through existing vicious circles (hardwired into habits, mindsets, administrative systems, management practices, social behaviours…) thereby unleashing higher progression velocity.

Bruno Machiels


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Quality and Speed of Companies’ Progression is what make the difference in this VUCA world. To achieve sustainable success, we need to balance results of today with results of tomorrow which makes the difference between thriving and faltering.


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