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Growth Excellence


Companies across all industries are today facing challenges to deliver on the organic Growth agenda. It´s no longer enough to just train and adjust rewarding systems of the sales forces, implement CRM systems and model organizational structures.

Success is the result of leveraging modern and robust systemic models for operations excellence, ensuring that the Marketing and Salesforce engage deeply in the transformation and by keeping Human Dynamics at the centre.

Balancing meeting the quarterly performance needs with the capability layer transformation and at the same time assuring that the organization is fully on board on the journey is key. 

By ensuring professional customer management, developing customer-centric offerings and increasing the efficiency of the execution of the Marketing and Sales “shopfloor”, we enable organisations to get the most out of their sales engine. The strategic and operational levers of Growth Excellence include:

  • Building and establishing a High-Performance Growth Culture and Management
  • Evolving Customer Management by bringing a Share-of-Pocket based view to Growth planning, implementing world-class Key Account Management and Customer Journey Management
  • Developing Offering Management by deploying Customer Value Management, establishing Strategic Business Development and a full-scope Product Life-cycle Management
  • Securing Marketing & Sales Execution with simplicity as guiding star, securing effectiveness and efficiency of the Sales Force through Time Thieves Hunting, effective Customer Meetings and Sales Force Competence Management
  • Building a robust Operational Steering in Sales through Performance Behavior in Sales, closing the loop by steering on successful behaviors in high-impact moments

At EFESO Consulting we have developed a unique systemic approach to Growth Excellence programs that leverage our expertise gained from World Class programs in supply operations over the last 35 years. 

Tobias Eriksson

EFESO Nordic Countries

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Today’s sales executives are faced with increased complexity. They balance the quarterly performance needs with capability transformation and also assure that the organization is fully on board with the journey. A systemic approach to steering the transformation in the right direction becomes imperative.



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