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Industry 4.0 can be described as the fourth stage of industrial (r)evolution. It is transforming manufacturing and supply chain processes through connectivity and thereby enabling the use of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) to improve automation, communication and use of real-time data. By applying these technologies and principles, service, efficiency, quality and safety of industrial processes can all be increased. New smart products, services and business models can also be developed that will fully exploit the potential of IoT, autonomous technologies and real-time supply chains synchronization. Industry 4.0 thus expands business opportunities from product-based to service-based revenue streams.

Smart products and services are at the core of most of Industry 4.0 applications and IoT environments. Through integrated connectivity, sensor technology and data processing capacity, smart products can collect data throughout their entire life cycle, perform standardized tasks autonomously, coordinate centrally, and de-centrally via cloud platforms, and adapt to changing environmental conditions and tasks. On this basis, smart services can be developed such as data-based business models, predictive maintenance and higher-level visions of the future such as Smart City, Smart Agriculture or Smart Healthcare. Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies are therefore important drivers of new business models, products and services and thus a core element of digital transformation across the end to end value chain.


Hans Georg Scheibe

Managing Partner ROI-EFESO


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The smart combination of lean production with the possibilities of Industry 4.0 makes industrial companies faster, more flexible and more adaptable and at the same time opens up new revenue and value creation potential.



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Factory and Supply Chain of the Future

The terms Smart Factory and Smart Value Chain encompass a wide range of Industry 4.0 approaches and technologies that increase quality, productivity and efficiency across manufacturing and process industries, as well as in the supply chain. By integrating Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies, the “Factory of the Future”, as well as the “Supply Chain of the Future”, will be networked, synchronized, efficient and scalable in terms of both organization and processes. They will also be able to anticipate changes and adapt to new requirements with agility. Processes, machines, employees, suppliers and clients will be connected and providing real-time data.

The systematic exploitation of this collected data, as in the context of machine learning applications, is what makes processes intelligent in the first place and ensures high quality decision-making. A high degree of automation allows extended operating times and thereby increased productivity. As such, consistent use of data technologies, assistance systems and autonomous, adaptive systems creates digitized value-added networks.


Furthermore, coupled with advanced analytics and data science, virtual/dynamic data models enable the mapping and simulation of physical objects, processes or entire networks along the product and system life cycle. These digital twins are much more than mere virtualization technology, but the key to data-based business models that enable precise predictions to be made about performance, the value-added process, weak points, material fatigue or other risks. For example, developers can change functions, test new settings and evaluate complex simulations at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

Industry 4.0 causes the disruption of established business models and value creation processes. But it is also the key to the future viability of production companies. The use of digital technologies in industry increases transparency, efficiency and productivity, minimizes costs and enables more flexible, personalized and autonomous production. Leading to a multitude of new production processes, supply chain design, business models and products as well as offering enormous potential.


Your guide to your future-proof production company

As an experienced partner, EFESO guides your way to becoming a future-proof production company in order to exploit this potential. The starting point for your sustainable IoT and Industry 4.0 strategy is a complete and objective view of the opportunities and implementation hurdles existing in your company. We are happy to support you in this analysis and implementation. We are one of the leading experts for industrial digitization, Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT. Our multidisciplinary expertise is based on in-depth technical, methodological and technological know-how as well as extensive experience from several hundred customer projects. We have a large footprint allowing us to support our clients in all continents. In the DACH region, we operate under the name of ROI - EFESO.


Our services for your industrial digitization


  • Measurement and evaluation of your digital maturity level (digital readiness)
  • Design of a roadmap for your digital transformation journey and operationalization of the digital strategy
  • Planning of Smart Factory and Smart Value Chain concepts (technologies, methods, structures, processes)
  • Tech vendor selection and initiatives execution
  • Deployment of Digital Twin concepts for products and processes
  • Implementation of digital leadership principles and agile working models and methods such as Design Sprints and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)


  • Development and piloting of Smart Products and Services
  • Implementation of Advanced Analytics & Data Science
  • Consultancy on the selection and design of scalable IT architecture and platforms
  • Systems Lifecycle Management
  • Training and qualification




Recent proof of how we partner with our clients to help them navigate business issues and achieve high value improvements.


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EFESO Consulting is delighted to present our valued partner, whose skills and expertise ideally complement our depth of knowledge and capability in Improving your RESULTS TODAY and Securing your RESULTS FOR TOMORROW.


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