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Lean, TPM, Manufacturing Excellence


In order to help our clients accelerate the speed of their progression in a sustainable way, EFESO makes comprehensive use of Lean and TPM, that we perfectly integrate into our Progression Framework and take it to another more strategic level.

Both Lean and TPM are based on the reduction of losses and on increasing efficiency and effectiveness. They are mainly used to achieve Manufacturing Excellence, but many companies also use them in other nodes of the End to End Value Chain.

Lean Manufacturing is a management philosophy that focusses on reducing the “Seven Wastes” (Over-production, Waiting time, Transportation, Processing, Inventory, Motion and Scrap) at all levels. By eliminating waste, quality is improved and lead-time is reduced, as well as cost.

TPM is a comprehensive programme which aims at maximizing asset effectiveness throughout its entire lifecycle. It consists of a set of methodologies ensuring that the value adding activities for an asset is never interrupted and it does this by cross-functional teams attacking every loss and establishing loss prevention systems.

TPM also builds a global preventive maintenance system by means of which the production department takes care of first level maintenance (also called Autonomous Management). Then the maintenance department is responsible for planned maintenance, the plant engineering supports preventive maintenance to improve equipment reliability and the product design department is tasked with “easy to maintain” product design.

EFESO Consulting is the exclusive partner of JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance) that enables the perfect preparation for companies to contest for the JIPM awards.

EFESO takes the best of Lean and TPM and solidly links them to the Strategy of our clients and to their End to End Concurrent Progression journey.

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Lean and TPM integration form the “T shape” approach leading to Manufacturing Excellence success. To make it sustainable, this must be coupled with Value Creation, End to End, and People Progression in Engagement, Leadership and daily Behaviors.



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