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Real Lean Transformation


Operational Excellence programs often focus exclusively on waste elimination. This is appropriate when the goal is small, incremental, continuous improvement. But if you want to see a leap in performance you have to go beyond simple continuous improvement techniques.

By incorporating the Real Lean techniques of Leveling, Flow and Standard Work you can unlock a dramatic, step change in bottom-line performance.

For more than 15 years, BSM has perfected the implementation of ‘Real Lean’ techniques in all types of challenging environments. With the acquisition of BSM, the recognized experts in this field, EFESO is now proud to be the leader in Real Lean Transformation. BSM’s hands-on and low-hype approach, combined with EFESO’s global reach, ability to provide local language support and obsession for progression excellence, makes EFESO’s Real lean Transformation experts the ideal partners to support your progression journey. EFESO’s Real lean Transformation projects deliver short focused projects with large transformative improvements in performance.

Our Real Lean Transformation experts specialise in the implementation of ‘Real Lean’ techniques in challenging environments. They will help you to achieve truly Lean standards in Quality, Velocity and Productivity by implementing the long-established, but little-understood Real Lean practices of Levelling, Flow and Standard Work.

Read more about Real Lean Transformation applied in Pharma and Labs.

Andrew Harte

EFESO Real Lean

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Why do so many companies and consultants focus only on the waste elimination aspects of lean, while ignoring LEVELLING and FLOW. Although it is not intuitive or obvious, the losses associated with workload volatility often dwarf all other losses.

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Read more about Real Lean Transformation applied in Pharma and Labs.


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