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Supply Chain Excellence


Supply Chain remains at the forefront of business, satisfying customer needs and delivering top line growth. Winning organisations create future-proof supply chains that support the strategic goals of the business and deliver true competitive advantage. They set up processes and operations that optimally balance cost, service, assets and working capital, and execute flawlessly powered by an engaged and empowered organization. Supply Chain is a core specialism and expertise within EFESO Consulting. We identify 6 key strategies for progression that unlock value for clients:

1. Make sense from ambiguity

We help companies translate their business goals into specific requirements for the supply chain. This avoid confusion and ambiguity about the specific targets and key success factors for your supply chain. A segmented approach is advisable to avoid "one-size-fits" all solutions and this enables your organization to deliver superior customer value

2. Make visible to overcome uncertainty

Information about what is really happening in your supply chain is often hidden and difficult to determine. Data can be incomplete or wrong. We help you improve end to end visibility and collaboration to build cross-functional understanding and make better decisions.

3. Make value-added by managing complexity

Complexity is the "silent killer" that erodes profitability over time. We help companies identify the true costs of complexity and reduce end to end total cost and work concurrently across traditional functional boundaries to maximise value-added and growth potential.

4. Make resilient by assessing risk

Organizations can lack full insights into supply chains failure modes. Understanding is often limited both upstream and downstream beyond immediate customers and suppliers. We help improve the overall performance and resilience of your supply chain ensuring that any weak links or constraints are addressed.

5. Make flow and flexible through agility and synchronization

Performance breakthroughs can be realized through better synchronization of the end to end supply chain. We will help you to address the operational behaviours or process disconnects that create "bullwhip" and inhibit flow, delivering greater flexibility and responsiveness.

6. Make systemic and sustainable

Competitive advantage is temporary at best and companies seek more permanent solutions for progression. EFESO help clients build capabilities to sustain and continuously progress their supply chain initiatives ensuring that investments on infrastructure, digitalization and organization development are fully leveraged.

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Progressive leaders anticipate needs and eliminate weak links in Next Generation Supply Chains. Only new kinds of leadership, with new business models, disruptive technologies and cross-generational talent pools can achieve such a change.



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