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    Share knowledge and expertise to inspire and inform you

  • Events


    Share knowledge and expertise to inspire and inform you

C-Suite Event Series “Technology Boosting Performance”

In today's VUCA world, organizations must be more than ever efficient, flexible and sustainable. To overcome the obstacles of these challenging times you need to know the latest developments in digitization.

Join our “C-Suite only” event series and let us guide you through the solutions with a holistic view on possible technology options to boost your business performance. We won’t let you drown – let’s keep our heads up and discuss with your peer´s how to survive.

Why joining

The Technology Boosting Performance online event series are business oriented. They are non-technical aspirational events for senior executives willing to take a step forward and accelerate their business transformation using technology as a strong enabler. We present the latest technologies with concrete use cases and their benefits from a strategic point of view.

  • You will learn how to avoid mistakes, pitfalls and roadblocks with your business
  • You will gain valuable information, insight and knowledge from subject matter experts
  • Sharing best practices by learning from others who have “been there, done that”

The event series are exclusive online events gathering only C-suite from different industries and will be held every 2 months, for 1 hour each.

Registration is limited on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • 8:45: (waiting room opens)
  • 9:00 Face the truth – you need digitization!
  • 9:10 Introducing the “Boost” solutions
  • 9:45 Q&A

In each session we describe a typical current challenge of companies in today's world.

In line with this typical current challenge, we describe in an understandable way an innovative proven technical example for a solution to master this challenge

We use real project examples to describe this solution, its function and the benefits for your company

The event series program

November 22202201:00 PM (CET)

Artificial Intelligence Boosting your OEE - 1h

In today’s world, Senior executives are far often confronted with the need to address:

  • Increasing manufacturing complexity: smaller lot sizes / more individualized products and customer specific variants
  • Exploding number of different IT solutions (ERP, MES, APS, IoT, …), data silos and disconnected / contractionary planning & scheduling tools
  • Traditional OEE improvement is difficult in volatile and uncertain environments

AI can help with:

  • Autonomous production control
  • Adaptive production planning
  • AI-based optimized production planning & scheduling

During this event you will learn how companies:

  • Improved OEE by 20-35%
  • Improved forecast and production planning by more than 10%
  • Reduced planning & scheduling efforts by 90% and more

…by making use of new AI technologies

January 19202301:00 PM (CET)

Blockchain Boosting your Supply Chain - 1h

Organizations are confronted with:

  • Increasing compliance requirements and volatile supply chains that drive the need for digital supply chain transparency
  • Disperse IT systems at N-Tier suppliers preventing a standardized approach to collect supply chain data
  • External supply chain information that is not accessible when needed or only on manual interaction
  • Regulatory requirements that need new approaches to guarantee data integrity

Blockchain can help you with:

  • Automated capturing of supply chain events, linked to an immutable “chain of evidence”
  • Secured claims on quality / provenance / status become part of a product passport
  • Business rule enforcement based on Smart Contracts

During this event you will learn how companies:

  • Cut down documentation and archiving costs by more than 60%
  • Generate more than 20% efficiency gains of QA staff
  • Get rid of paper-based compliance processes at all

…by making use of an enterprise middleware with a blockchain backend

March 16202301:00 PM (CET)

Internet of Thing Boosting your Production - 1h

Organizations are confronted with:

  • Volatile markets and high order fluctuations force companies to be ever more flexible in their production planning
  • Growing product individuality from series to single-item production requires new easy-to-use possibilities
  • Constantly shorter delivery times and the expectation of sustainable production are normal and cause questions for companies

Solutions with an IoT-based production management:

  • Intelligent – co-thinking
  • Production quality increasing – with proof of quality
  • Energy reducing - material and time resources

During this event you will learn how companies:

  • Implement digital transformation in manufacturing using IoT-based production management
  • Improved OEE by 15 – 20%
  • Achieve maximum transparency in the entire manufacturing process
  • Ensure complete production documentation
  • Ensure maximum data security and sovereignty

…by making use of IoT-based production management

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