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CDVC - Digital



As more businesses adopt Industry 4.0, they need to be more agile and set-up the capacity and cadence required to handle the volume, flow and complexity of information. Digital solutions, thus, become a necessity as they augment people with more computing power. Organizations will be left behind unless they make a Digital shift to their processes across the value chain. Digital tools and systems are a catalyst to business growth and any organization not having a Digital Strategy on their agenda, is most probably staring at oblivion. Probably, that is the reason why over 85% of senior business leaders believe that digitalization is a top company priority (source: Gartner C-Suite Insights 2018-2019).

In the previous KnowBoTs on CDVC, we have explored how a concurrent digitalized value chain is helping organizations transform their progression journey. Starting with a maturity assessment based on the CDVC Model, organizations can identify the immense value locked in silos and then create a progression plan to improve the processes and practices necessary to move to the next level. Since understanding human behaviour is fundamental to a successful progression, we discussed the Human Dynamics journey within the CDVC framework.

In this Knowbot, we explore the Digital proposition in a Value Chain by introducing the ‘D’ in CDVC, to give a perspective on how companies can plan their Digital Progression. We also share some digital solutions we are deploying at our clients.

About the authors

Julien Broucke

EFESO Value Chain​ Expert

Massimo Fanton

Head of Strategy, Marketing & Communication FibonacciLab, the EFESO Data Science Company​

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