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Results and Key Takeaways

EFESO constantly support clients in creating world-class value chain using the CDVC Model. The first step to guide a sustainable progression towards excellence is to conduct the CDVC maturity assessment. The maturity assessment helps us to develop the progression plan that is unique for every client based on their current condition for every domain in the E2E value chain.

The snapshot of the CDVC Assessment Map for last 10 companies supported by EFESO is represented here.

Key takeaways from the CDVC maturity assessment of last 10 companies can be summarized as:

Over 60% companies are yet to break-out beyond a “Silos” improvement approach.

Almost 80% companies are Level 3 and below; waiting to get external support to unlock the opportunities available through a real-time integrated end to end value chain.

Most companies have a high Manufacturing maturity (represented in green oval), primarily due to the historical focus on TPM/ TQA and World Class Manufacturing

The lowest maturity level is concentrated on the external interfaces (with Suppliers and Customers), which also represents the biggest opportunity for most companies where they can truly collaborate with external partners to eliminate end to end losses and boost results.

New forms of leadership, skill-sets and behaviors are required to deliver results from next generation of Supply Chains. Progressive leaders can look forward to anticipate needs and eliminate potential weak links in their end to end supply chains using the CDVC assessment model.


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Clive Geldard


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This is the first in Series of Value Chain - Concurrent Digitalized Value Chain - CDVC Model.

In the next KNOWBOT, we will touch upon the Human Dynamics approach within the CDVC framework.