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TWI - Training Within Industry



So far in the KnowBoTs section of Know Now, we have introduced the end-to-end value chain through the lens of EFESO CDVC model and narrowed down to the human dynamics aspect of building a culture of excellence. These KnowBoTs were presented at a macro level and offered a corporate/enterprise-wide perspective, because we know that an organization’s position on the maturity matrix is determined by its culture, the behavior of its people and by the style of its leadership.

In this KnowBoT, we talk about Training Within Industry(TWI), which is particularly targeted at Business Unit/Plant level and Perso (individual) level for leaders in any business environment. TWI is a series of leadership training programs conceptualised during the WWII and still remains relevant to this day for two primary reasons.

Firstly, TWI follows the basic principle of Human-to-human interactions. The basic idea of TWI is to focus on empowering leaders at all levels to create a strong workforce and to be able to swiftly convert people who possess minimum technical skills into valuable productive resources. This makes TWI a great vehicle for implementing the cultural enablers and continuous improvement dimensions of The Shingo ModelTM. The EFESO CDVC-Human Dynamics Boost Condition talks about People Development, adding specific capabilities that can help their progression from one maturity level to another.

Secondly, the TWI training modules are fundamental to the Digital wave in Industry 4.0. The fundamentals of TWI – J programs can be used as the base for
  • developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) architecture to foster relationships by analyzing human emotions and feelings
  • programming robots for various tasks earlier performed by humans, or by Smart Machines that use data intelligence to continuously analyse and optimise different business processes

Read on to know more about the emergence of TWI, the Three J Trainings, and typical results achieved through TWI.

About the authors

Rajinder Singh

Vice President,
Mentor in Human Dynamics

Allen Ko

Senior Manager, TWI Expert

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