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KNOWBOT - TWI - Training Within Industry


Insights and Results

EFESO has supported many organizations to deliver TWI training and help them reduce variability and create standards. Below are a few of the many great results our clients have achieved.


JI-JBS (Job Breakdown System) has been adopted by organizations to address the gap between existing and desired work instructions for all core operations.

OPLs (One Point Lessons) are derived from each Key Point as identified using JI methodology

On an average, the Training time for front-line supervisors has been reduced by 67% across industries and processes

We were taking a minimum of 9 to 12 months on training our employees to reach the next level and even that time did not seem to be enough for providing sustainable results. The Job Instruction methodology of TWI has given us remarkable results. Workers are now trained in 45-days for the same kind of training and have gained exceptional skills that are hard to be undone.
Plant Head, Automotive Industry


The TWI training modules are ready for the Digital wave in Industry 4.0. In particular, the fundamentals of Job Instruction (JI) and Job Methods (JM) program can be used for building AI architecture, or to instruct robots for various tasks previously performed by humans, or they can be used by Smart Machines that use data intelligence to continuously implement improvement methods.


Example from Industry 4.0



About the authors


Rajinder Singh

Vice President,
Mentor in Human Dynamics

Allen Ko

Senior Manager, TWI Expert

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In this KnowBoT, we explored why Training Within Industry (TWI) is still a great way to develop the skills in leaders and how it can be used as a fundamental principle for human-to-digital interactions in the modern world. In the next KnowBoT, we will explore why organizations need a Digital Strategy for an accelerated progression in the EFESO CDVC model.