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Save the date March 16-17 in Berlin! EFESO are delighted to be, yet again, one of the sponsors of Manuchem 2020.  We will be able to hear, first hand, about the challenges and expectations in today's Chemical world.


With unfavourable consequences for the rest of the food industry, craft brands are the ones that are performing best, with an annual growth in value of between 4% and 5% compared to 1.5% for the fast moving consumer goods (source: Nielsen).


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Members of Parliament Mrs. Sonia Krimi, former EFESO Consulting, and Mr. Jacques Savatier, invite you to the conference they are organizing on Operational Excellence in the Civil Service: Applications, Challenges and Advances’ to be held on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the Victor Hugo room at 101, rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris.


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“EFESO has been working with us since the beginning of our adven­ture, supporting us in defining the roadmap and guidelines to design our manufacturing transformation roadmap. They clearly understood our business needs and helped to define a vision, set priorities and support us in structuring a high-performance organisation” 


In this publication we describe our field experience at clients from different industries concerning the challenges of today’s Value Chain.


New York, NY – June 18, 2018 - ALM Intelligence – Consulting division, previously known as Kennedy Consulting, has released its 2018 ratings of Production Operations consulting providers. Ten firms were identified as leaders in the consulting industry. EFESO Consulting is included in this top 10 coverage.


ROI EFESO are happy to announce that their German operations are now further reinforced through the joining of Milet Dynamics, a Berlin-based consulting firm specialising in transformation processes.

Read more in the press release about how this strengthens the group.


Gartner, Inc. has published the 2018 ‘Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy & Operations Consulting’ research used by supply chain leaders when searching for a partnership with a consulting firm in this sector.


Over 85% of the senior business leaders believe that Digitalization is a top company priority. But do they really have a Digital Strategy in place? In the fifth KnowBoT, our authors Julien Broucke and Massimo Fanton explore why Digitalization is such an important asset in an Industry 4.0 environment and how companies can effectively plan a Digital Progression strategy within the CDVC Framework.


13 Mar 2018 - Leadership Behaviours for Next Generation Supply Chains - Securing the success of strategic supply chain initiatives today and for tomorrow (interim research report).


We are pleased to announce that today EFESO Consulting and FibonacciLab, headquartered in Fribourg, Switzerland, officially have joined forces.

FibonacciLab is a boutique consultancy, combining extensive depth in both data science & operations to provide system-agnostic and scalable optimization solutions exploiting advanced analytics.

Read more in the press release about how this strengthens the group.


MEDEF magazine, the leading network of entrepreneurs in France, invited Jean Veillon, the President of the Supervisory Board at EFESO Consulting, to tell more about the winning strategy of the company. EFESO Consulting is a reference in the consulting industry, in the expertise fields of strategy and performance improvement.


The ALM Vanguard of Production Operations Consulting Providers assesses firms in terms of their relative ability to create impact for their clients. For this, the ALM Vanguard displays the relative position of the providers featured in this report, deemed capable in production operations consulting, based on an evaluation of their overall capabilities according to a consistent set of criteria. Capability depth denotes a provider’s capacity to get results for clients, while capability breadth indicates its ability to deploy that capacity across multiple client scenarios.


In the third KnowBoT of the Know Now initiative our experts Rajinder Singh and Ariadne Garotti explore the Shingo Model™ and the concept of principle-centred excellence. The idea underneath is that, for a successful progression excellence journey, an organisation should be permeated by a specific type of culture, closely linked with tool and system-orientation, and effectively driven through principles.


A continuous innovation process can add value, enabling a company to protect margins, as well as enter new markets.


We are pleased to announce that today EFESO Consulting and ROI Management Consulting AG, headquartered in Munich, officially have joined forces. Read more in the press release about how this strengthens the group’s competence portfolio, client base and geographic footprint.


Many great companies rely on tools such as Visual Management or Problem Solving to improve their performance. Yet, when these tools are based on manual processes and data management, most of what happens is forgotten.


In the second KnowBoT, of CDVC series, our experts Lucas van Engelen and Marcia De Troyer touch upon the Human Dynamics approach within the CDVC Model. If we believe that Behaviour is not a coincidence; then it is intriguing to learn about an approach that helps to develop and motivate the People to adopt new values, mind-sets and behaviours that are essential to successfully drive the progression of any organization.


Major transformations (lean and others) have repeatedly encountered two major human challenges: adoption (acceptance of and commitment to new management and / or operational practices) and anchoring (to continue once the set-up period is over).


In the fourth KnowBoT, we explore the TWI programs that have helped leaders and front-line supervisors to acquire and excel in the skills desirable to become a good leader. Our experts Rajinder Singh and Allen Ko reiterate the three fundamental leadership skills, that are Skill of Training, Skill in Improving Methods and Skill in Leading.


An efficient supply chain can add value, enabling a company to develop products and services, as well as enter new markets, in a digital age.


The Yili Yogurt Tianjin Plant, which won the TPM Excellence Award Category B of 2018, was invited by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) to attend the TPM Awards ceremony in Kyoto and the delegate who represented them was Liu Xiwen, General Manager of the Plant.


In the recent years, the EFESO Egypt office has been involved in a variety of healthcare consulting assignments ranging from feasibility studies for greenfield ventures to restructuring of existing healthcare facilities.


AWATAD, a novel approach to sales

“Information is the way to manage uncertainty; companies should learn to integrate and understand relationships and patterns to develop insights to support decision-making. Sales organizations are a great source of valuable information that can support this uncertainty management”.


Saint Gobain has adopted a pro-active approach to achieving Operational Excellence.


This success is the result of a long-term effort in the organisation. Since July 2015 Yili Yogurt Business Division has been working with EFESO Consulting China to jointly develop a strategy plan.