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Disruption in the food industry: how to face the new challenges?

Affected by Food Bashing, the proliferation of regulations, fragmentation of consumption and lack of customer loyalty, the food industry is entering an age not just of change but of disruption. Two major issues are about going international and succeeding in digital transformation.

EFESO, in collaboration with IREFI, is organizing the “Club France-Italy” for the food industry on March 21, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, at EFESO headquarters in Paris.

Information and registration: (limited number of participants)


18h00 – 18h30 Accueil
18h30-18h40 Introduction
Jean Veillon, Président du Conseil de Surveillance d’EFESO Consulting
Fabrizio Maria Romano, Président de IREFI -Institut pour les Relations Economiques France-Italie
18h40 -19h00 L’agro-alimentaire c’est l’heure de l’international !
Témoignage de Philippe Jaegy, Directeur Délégué en charge de la Stratégie de SAVENCIA
19h00 – 19h10 Questions & réponses
19h10 – 19h25 L’impact du Digital dans les opérations !
Intervention de Stefano Erba, Senior Vice-Président d’EFESO Consulting
19h25 - 19h30 Questions & réponses
19h30 - 21h30 Cocktail dinatoire