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Progression Excellence is possible when organization culture is firmly grounded in Guiding Principles

In the third KnowBoT of the Know Now initiative our experts Rajinder Singh and Ariadne Garotti explore the Shingo Model™ and the concept of principle-centred excellence. The idea underneath is that, for a successful progression excellence journey, an organisation should be permeated by a specific type of culture, closely linked with tool and system-orientation, and effectively driven through principles.

In such a culture, systems and tools are in place as a fundamental mean, not as a solution or a goal, and the vision is informed by principles setting the foundation, the rules and the goal of the game. People are engaged not only because they know how to do things, but because they agree on the reason WHY to do them.

The Shingo Model™ identifies ten specific principles able to shape organisations to become excellent. Read the KnowBoT to know more about the 'Shingo Model™ and why the guiding principles are essential to build behaviors that will eventually drive the excellence journey.