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Training Within Industry (TWI) is a time tested concept for developing leadership skills at all levels in an organization

In the fourth KnowBoT, we explore the TWI programs that have helped leaders and front-line supervisors to acquire and excel in the skills desirable to become a good leader. Our experts Rajinder Singh and Allen Ko reiterate the three fundamental leadership skills, that are Skill of Training, Skill in Improving Methods and Skill in Leading.

TWI program or the Three J's Trainings provides a well-documented, step-by-step approach to develop and master these leadership skills that are based on the fundamental principle of human-to-human interaction.

Furthermore, in this Digital Age when more robots and smart machines are replacing human interventions, the dynamics of interactions are also changing. Hence, the authors have explored the possibility to replicate the structured approach of TWI programs in the context of Industry 4.0, which is more about a human-to-digital interaction. Such replication, if possible, can immensely help the leaders to develop and manage a culture where people, digital and robots can be treated as a single entity.

Read on to know more about the emergence of TWI, the Three J Trainings and its possible implementation in the context of Industry 4.0.