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Philip Morris awarded EFESO Consulting with their Best Partner Award in Value Creation

EFESO Consulting is proud to have won the 2022 Philip Morris International (PMI) Award in the category 'Value Creation'.

Paris, 19 December 2022

Since 2020 Philip Morris International recognizes the commitment of its suppliers to sustainability, value creation, and innovation. A few figures: 40 000 suppliers, 3 award categories, 9 nominations, only 3 winners.

Reza Shahrbabaki, PMI’s Vice President for Engineering Solutions explains why we won:

EFESO Consulting won for its contribution to PMI’s transformation toward a smoke-free future. This has been a true game changer for PMI and the company’s key equipment supplier, enabling a fundamental change in the way they collaborate.

He adds

EFESO Consulting has facilitated the introduction of a disruptive approach, adapting best practices to tobacco equipment manufacturing from other industries.

Andrea Montermini, VP at EFESO who received the award said

Value Creation is what we do every day with our clients. Over the last years we have been engaged on the global value chain transformation program of Philip Morris (PMI). We helped introducing Design to Value to build performing partnerships between PMI and OEM suppliers, and ultimately redesign value chains with an E2E perspective.

We’d like to thank all the PMI and EFESO teams involved in this program.

About EFESO Consulting

EFESO Consulting is a global consulting firm specialized in Operations Strategy and Performance Improvement. We work side-by-side with our clients to accelerate their transformation towards future-proof operations. Each year, we deliver over 1,000 projects for clients across our 35 offices around the world, helping them achieve outstanding business outcomes, and sustainable change. Together with our clients, we aim at contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

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