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An efficient supply chain can add value, enabling a company to develop products and services, as well as enter new markets, in a digital age.

Ten to fifteen years ago, supply chain representation at board level was highly unusual, although this has changed rapidly over the last decade, accelerating with the evolution of e-commerce.

While a study in 2006 by Vlerick Business School indicated that only around a quarter of supply chain leaders were on the boards of businesses, research by Cranfield School of Management and EFESO Consulting found that by 2012 well over half the companies it surveyed globally had placed their most senior supply chain executive on the board of the business unit.

A follow-up study this year is set to update these findings and Professor Alan Waller, vice president for supply chain innovation at EFESO Consulting, expects the figure will now be substantially higher, perhaps 60 to 70 per cent.

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Source: Article written by Will Waters, Published June 16, 2016,