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EFESO joins forces with Tsetinis Consulting to further accelerate its global growth journey

EFESO Management Consultants, the global operations strategy and performance improvement consultancy, is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with Tsetinis Consulting, a management consultancy championing performance improvement with an end-to-end innovation capability spanning from product conception and R&D to purchasing and production.

Paris, 4 May 2023

Today’s decision makers are facing several challenges such as embracing sustainability, accelerating digitalization, increasing supply chain resilience, developing innovative technologies. Together, EFESO and Tsetinis are even better equipped than before to help industrial companies accelerate their transformation toward sustainable and future-proof operations.

Headquartered in Austria, Tsetinis Consulting serves industrial clients worldwide and is renowned for its proprietary improvement approach integrating product, sustainability and business performances.

Jost Kamenik, CEO of Tsetinis Consulting stated

Tsetinis has made the difference for its clients in automotive and manufacturing for over 20 years. EFESO’s global reach, unique operations experience and strong growth trajectory perfectly complement our capabilities and renowned reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Tsetinis’ team of 120 seasoned consultants join EFESO’s team of 800 worldwide, and will significantly reinforce both EFESO’s ‘Idea to Value’ offering (innovation management, new product development process, portfolio management, PLM, design to value, value engineering, procurement) and discrete manufacturing capabilities.

Luca Lecchi, Co-CEO of EFESO said,

We are honored to welcome the Tsetinis team in our Group. We have a deep respect for their level of excellence and capability and for their impressive track record of benefits delivered to outstanding clients.

Bruno Machiels, Co-CEO of EFESO added

The alignment of the Tsetinis and EFESO DNAs toward tangible results and strong human-centric collaboration will further reinforce our ability to help clients address their operations challenges in a structural and sustainable way.

Active in 70 countries, EFESO has been growing at double-digit speed year on year, successfully helping organizations enhance their operations strategy and end-to-end performance. Together with Tsetinis, our ambition to co-create the industrial future will be reinforced.

About EFESO Management Consultants

EFESO is a leading international pure player consulting group in industrial operations strategy and performance improvement. We work side-by-side with our clients to accelerate their transformation towards future-proof operations. Each year, we deliver over 1,000 projects for clients across our 35 offices around the world, helping them achieve outstanding business outcomes, and sustainable change. Together with our clients, we aim at contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

At EFESO we work at all levels of the organization, from boardroom to shopfloor, to build momentum and ownership within customer companies. We support them in designing their operations strategy and execution, passing through improving and enhancing their day-to-day business performance and operations to drive end-to-end value chain performance.

We deliver faster, tangible and more sustainable results while concurrently building our clients capabilities that bring competitive advantage.

About Tsetinis

TSETINIS Consulting is a champion in performance improvement with an outstanding track record of delivering tangible results – fast! To achieve this, we believe in the power of combining a positive human future with the need to adapt to a technology-driven and sustainable world. Building our experience as a lead advisor for the automotive and manufacturing industry, we clearly set ourselves apart by combining consequent best-practice thinking with our quest for innovation and sustainability. We are convinced that this is key to support our clients in the successful transformation towards the next industrial era. We think end-to-end – from idea to delivery. For products. For processes. For structures. And for business models.

TSETINIS Consulting is a tech-driven Management Consulting firm, founded in the year 2000. Of our 120 seasoned experts across offices in Austria, Germany and the US, 65% are educated engineers, typically combining this with an MBA or strong commercial background. Our average of >10 years of industrial experience allows us to make a real difference: we do not only moderate projects, instead we fundamentally challenge established thinking and assumptions.

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