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In this publication we describe our field experience at clients from different industries concerning the challenges of today’s Value Chain.

You will see how EFESO CDVC Model (Concurrent Digitalized Value Chain) is used to identify the maturity level of a Value Chain, which identifies the starting point of any progression. 

In general, we saw that more than 60% of companies have yet to break-out beyond a “Silo” improvement approach to unlock the opportunities from having an integrated End to End Value Chain. The lowest maturity is found in connection/collaboration with Suppliers and Customers, this represents the biggest opportunity to eliminate end to end losses and boost results.

That’s why we say that only a Concurrent Progression approach across all silos, covering Processes, Digital Tools and Human Dynamics, tackles the losses hidden between functions and turns a traditional Supply Chain into a reliable and agile force for your Sales Team to extract more revenue from the market.

The Model works holistically across all the E2E Value Chain domains, to ensure they are improved upon in a concurrent manner and aligned with business and market goals. By synchronizing capabilities and performance improvement across these domains, key interdependencies are identified and work in parallel. This allows quicker progression and sustained gains.

To know more and see some success cases, download and read the EFESO publication.