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EFESO is a leading Global Pure Player in Industrial Operational Excellence thanks to a powerful framework of value propositions.

EFESO provide value on three different, interlinked dimensions: Accelerate sustainable Progression, Human Dynamics and Digital transformation.

The EFESO Framework

Accelerate sustainable progression means helping clients progress faster, exploiting full benefits of performance improvement opportunities and overcoming progression hurdles, in a way that is sustainable. 

The battlefield is chosen with clients, sometimes it can be the End-to-End value chain, but a segment of that as well, depending on time available for change and depth of the transformation and always, pragmatically contributing to sustainability.

Sustainable progression is accelerated when each stage of the value chain reaches the minimum level to be synchronized with the others, so that losses between silos become attackable.

Our winning formula is the best combination of results for today and results for tomorrow, leading to three different approaches to progression:

  • “Build”, focused on multi-year capability building
  • “Boost”, aiming at short term results and value generation with a stronger drive of experts
  • “Transformation”, needed to radically change the concept of industrial footprint or technology to be adopted.

Human Dynamics is key in a world of continued disruption; EFESO combines a deep understanding of business essentials with human dynamics insight into the different populations.

Where automation and digitalisation are heavily impacting all processes, regulations are having an increased influence and the market place is increasing the pressure to go-to-market faster, even with new business models. EFESO ensures that people really understand the reason for the change, the strategy that drives it and how they can contribute to the realisation of that strategy, at every level.

Digital transformation means using new disruptive technologies and the power of data to unlock businesses and generate a step change in productivity, quality, safety and delivery to customers.

Nowadays, progression without digital is unlikely to succeed and will hardly be sustainable.

EFESO provides a comprehensive mix of Industry 4.0, Advanced analytics, Infra architecture design and software applications. These elements form what we call Digitech, a must-have capability for our customers, important for two reasons: digital technologies AND the power of data.

In summary, EFESO activates the three dynamics - Process, Human Dynamics and Digitech - orchestrated in our PHD2 winning approach, which we deliver in tandem with our clients.

We are passionate about results and benchmarks, so we’ll keep tracking our value generation across 2021. Stay in contact with us to see how we are discovering new ways to deliver results for our clients.