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Major trends & business drivers in the pharma industry

The pharmaceutical industry has seen its share of challenges in recent years, from manufacturing and supply chain bottlenecks to growing demand for faster delivery of drugs to the marketplace. What will the near future bring to the table ?

5 key trends will have material impacts on the industry:

  1. Increasing compliance requirements from regulators and customers will require adherence to strict rules on reporting needs, processes and data
  2. Strong quality monitoring will enforce early detection, alerting and ‘self-curing’ actions
  3. More transparency and control over the end-to-end supply chain will reshape the way contract development & manufacturing organization are implemented
  4. Volatile demand & uncertainty in the supply chain will challenge current practices to design and implement robust continuous production flows
  5. Increasing requests for smaller or specific batches will redefine the way production planning and scheduling are organized

Those trends mark a clear shift from reactive to proactive quality management which requires strong end-to-end control in an increasingly complex manufacturing environment

Make use of new leading-edge digital technologies in MES architectures

Facing a clear shift from reactive to proactive quality management which requires strong end-to-end control in an increasingly complex manufacturing environment. In that context pharma manufacturers will have to increasingly turn to data-driven technologies that leverage real- time, secured and comprehensive data for analytics and immediate corrective actions in the demand, planning, scheduling and production flows.

This will have concrete impacts on production systems like MES or LIMs as, to be exploited, data coming from various external and internal systems will have to be structured and harmonized. The ever-increasing amount of data will open new ways to capture, store and access data in the blockchain, cloud or dedicated platforms that are accessible to selected trusted actors within business- oriented ecosystems.

We fully support and enable your end-to-end digitization journey

Pharma manufacturers are clearly facing exciting challenges And you should take action now!

  • But where to start?
  • What are the main challenges?
  • Where to reap the main financial benefits?
  • How to make the difference with competitors?
  • How to leverage the data needed?
  • How to embark the people and partners in the journey?
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