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Senior Vice President

Eitel Monaco is Senior Vice President, head of the of the Value Chain Practice at EFESO and an International Expert in Manufacturing and End to End Value Chain.

As former Procter & Gamble North America Supply Chain Vice President, he was responsible for all P&G Operations and Assets of the North American $30Bn business (18,000 people, 20 Plants and 20  DC’s).

In his previous role as P&G Western Europe Supply Chain Vice President, he had similar responsibilities for the European 15Bn$ business. In this role, he also had horizontal, global responsibility for E2E Value Chain, Planning Systems and Digital Innovation. Eitel worked for Procter & Gamble for the past 33 years in six different countries, with experience in North America, Europe and Global positions, in a series of Manufacturing & Supply Chain management roles.

Eitel’s core specialties are: E2E Value Chain Synchronization, Planning Systems and Digital Innovation, Supply Chain as a Sales Tool, Manufacturing (TPM and HPWS).


Mario has 24 years of experience in consultancy. He initially built experience and competencies in manufacturing excellence in multinational companies, then gradually expanded to advanced quality (Six Sigma, Red X) and Engineering, and is now focused on Innovation Management. This encompasses the whole value chain, from anticipation of need to structure of trends into innovation platforms, to the lean–agile development go-to-market methods. A strong connection with advanced engineering, capabilities and organization complete the picture.

Mario works with Multinational companies both on specific new product development challenges and on progression of his clients in Innovation Management, sustaining growth of volume and margin in Pharma, FMCG, Automotive, Engineering and Machinery, Packaging and Food industries.

He is currently active as Vice President of EFESO Consulting and he leads the practice of Innovation Management; prior to that he was the Managing Director of EFESO in Italy.

Before joining EFESO he worked in the Purchasing and Supply Chain department of a leading construction company, planning and contracting big projects of high speed trains, dams and tunnels in the world.

He has a degree in Management Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano.


Jeroen van der Meer is Senior Vice President at EFESO Consulting and has over 30 years managerial experience in both chemical and manufacturing sectors and over 15 years in consultancy.

He has undertaken a wide range of assignments in these industries, specializing in large scale transformations, organizational development, supply chain management and asset management.

He participated in senior management development programs at Insead, Stanford and Harvard.


Luca Lecchi, Co-CEO of EFESO Group, has led more than 300 progression initiatives in Reengineering, Supply Chain, Global Performance and Cost Reduction projects in the most important global industrial and services companies with an emphasis on Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Retail.

He graduated with an Honours Degree in Industrial Management.


Clive is Group Vice-President responsible for the International Retail and Supply Chain practice with over 30 years’ experience in end to end supply chain, logistics and distribution channel management, both in Operations and as a Management Consultant.

He has worked in complex multi-channel B2B and B2C businesses in the UK, Europe and Developing Markets including India, Middle East & Africa.

Initially working in the Automotive sector, then moving into Retail, Food and Consumer. Most of his career has been spent managing and implementing change, working to build capabilities that support strategic supply chain transformations and continuous improvement.

Co-author of research papers “Supply Chain in the Boardroom – Closing the Implementation Gap” and “Successful Supply Chain Strategies for Emerging Markets”. Contributor to the Springer book WCOM - Why you need more than Lean and authored the chapter on supply chain. Special interests in Complexity Management, Supply Chain Design and Route to Market.


Bruno Machiels, Co-CEO of EFESO Group, has solid experience in helping Executive Teams orient, engineer, realize and accelerate complex transformations.

His areas of expertise include the development of strategy, translating this strategy in progression roadmaps, co-managing large transformation and change initiatives and negotiation with unions. He also worked on negotiating and realizing mergers, joint-ventures and carve-outs. He also spearheads a Group Initiative to reinvent the Management System in the context of the new digital economy, enabling much higher agility and progression velocity.

He has a broad industry experience, including: Financial Services, Media & Telecom, Professional Services, Retail and Health.

He has a Masters in Law (KU Leuven) and a MBA (INSEAD – France). He also did specific programs at the Sophia University Tokyo (Japan) and Stanford University (California).


Mike is an accomplished Supply Chain Executive with 33 years’ experience at leading world class supply chains across multiple FMCG Categories with Procter & Gamble.

Mike has deep experience in both vertical line management and horizontal scaled capability leadership positions.

He has held roles spanning the entire supply chain, from customer facing logistics and operations, to manufacturing, to supplier management, to integrated business planning, to upstream innovation.

Mike is experienced working across company, function, and regional cultures. He is recognized as a supply chain technical master, and leader of organizational capability and cultural breakthroughs.


Carlo is one of the founders of EFESO Consulting and has more than 30 years experience in Operations Strategy and World Class Operation Management, leading programs for multinational companies, from Product Development to Supply Chain domain. His experience encompasses many industrial sectors, from Automotive to Pharma, Packaging, Mechanical, Paper, Steel, and Public Administration.

After Doctoring in Management Engineering, Carlo attended specialisation courses at MIT in USA and at JIPM in Japan. He holds a Degree in Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and an Operations Planning Degree at MIT. He completed the JIPM TPM course in 1984.

Carlo is academically involved in multiple roles, he is responsible for the Manufacturing and Logistics' Area at the School of Management at Geneva University, is a lecturer at ISTUD and MIP (Master of the Milano Politecnico University) and for Bergamo University. Carlo is also a certified Shingo Facilitator.

Carlo is a former Vice President of the Italian Chapter of the Society of Logistics Engineers.


Leonardo has a Master degree in Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano.

Before joining EFESO Consulting in 2000, he started his career in the Saint-Gobain group covering roles in Manufacturing and Process Development. Leonardo is an expert in World Class Operations Management, High Performing Organization and Change Management implementation processes. During his years with EFESO Consulting he has led several international programs to help multinational companies in their continuous quest to World Class Excellence, working in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

He has developed his expertise particularly in the Food & Beverages, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, and Automotive sectors.


Neil is the founder of the Performance Behavior approach and author of the book ‘Performance Behavior’, published in 2010. He has also published his second book ‘The improvement resource’ (2012). Before joining EFESO Consulting in 2012, he founded Flecto BV and BV, which were both acquired by EFESO Consulting.

Neil is an expert in World Class Operations Management, with specialities in change management, leadership and behaviour processes.

During his experience with Flecto and subsequently EFESO Consulting he has delivered many improvement projects in partnership with global companies to embed Performance Behavior in World Class Excellence programs.


Giorgio Levati is Group Vice President and Operations Director.

He specialises in Engineering and Operations Performance improvement programs in many industrial sectors like Packaging, Food & Beverage, Process Industry, Automotive, and FMCG.

He has over 30-year consulting experience and he has designed and managed a variety of operations improvement projects and programs. He is actively leading the EFESO Manufacturing Excellence practice contributing to develop tools and methods.