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Digital Performance Control System implementation in Chemicals with meetings’ efficiency improved by 40%

Client situation & approach

Our client, the Food Specialties branch of a major chemical group, aimed at increasing the output of its enzyme business, which was constrained by the supply. Confronted with a lack of performance culture and of execution discipline, the management had the ambition to have full transparency, to provide an integrated view on performance and to leverage on digital and advanced analytics, with the objective to increase the output of a site in France by 40% in 12 months, without major capacity investments.

An ambitious Digital Performance Control System was implemented during 6 weeks through a step-by-step and bottom-up approach: starting with daily site, then underlying sectors, adding problem solving, leveraging on behaviour (prepare, facilitate, action closing, …), improving meeting content in a participative way, integrating data.


  • Important impact on meeting efficiency (shorter meetings, less participants, better coverage, automatic data feed, …): 40%
  • Huge impact on meeting effectiveness (coherence, speed of intervention, right topics, deeper insights, quality of root cause analysis, … and especially discipline on action closing)