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  • Our differentiated approach

    Our differentiated approach

    Helping you to make a difference

  • Our differentiated approach

    Our differentiated approach

    Helping you to make a difference

Tangible Impact

End-to-End Approach. Sustainable Change

The EFESO difference comes from combining our end-to-end approach with sustainable change.

The industrial world is moving at a rapid pace. Every day new opportunities emerge that help us to do business differently and better. The speed at which you manage to convert the most relevant improvement opportunities into tangible results, becomes the differentiator between top and average, between survivor and casualty.

Transformation is not a one size fits all approach

We recognize that different combinations of build (develop the capabilities and culture for the future), boost (accelerate tangible results) and disrupt (fundamental shifts of paradigms) make sense. We spend the needed time with clients to design the most appropriate transformation strategy.

By working with organizations like yours, we have developed, over the years, a recognized know-how and expertise on how to get over barriers and break vicious circles such as hardwired habits and mindsets, legacy administrative systems, outmoded management practices, inbuilt social and cultural behaviors.

By changing the way your organization works fundamentally and structurally, we can work with you to unleash transformation faster and make it last longer—make it more sustainable.

At EFESO Management Consultants , we do not work in (functional) silos, we take a business perspective end-to-end of what creates value for clients. Then we leverage our operational mastery across the domain in end-to-end (E2E) value chain (manufacturing, procurement, supply chain,…).

That’s why our approach is different, easier to future proof, more forward-thinking.

PHDS™: Our dynamics bring results today and tomorrow

Transforming is all about mastering and integrating different dynamics. We are continuously developing ourselves to become stronger at fully leveraging Process, People, Digital and Sustainability dynamics (PHDS™).

All four are powerful individually. But when addressed simultaneously and from the start, you can couple immediate and future tangible results with sustained transformation. These dynamics maximize the impact on your business.


    • How to stabilize, streamline or reinvent flows leveraging human capabilities and technology?


Results today

Delivering tangible performance improvement in the short term (boost approach)

Results tomorrow

Investment in the processes, capabilities, assets, etc, to ensure you will continue to realize target results in the medium/long term (build approach)

Balancing results together

When we work with you, together we will balance results today and results tomorrow.

It is not about genrating results quickly. It is also about moving the organization in the direction where it will be able to generate results tomorrow.

We co-create successes. We share the future. By working in tandem with you.

When you work with us, you’ll find us particularly easy to deal with. We really do take the trouble to understand your requirements, your business, the tangible results you need now and your goals for the future.

We can only understand if we listen. And listen we do. We put ourselves in your shoes to truly understand your culture, your business and challenges and work shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams to tailor our approach. Together we embrace your transformation.

Our ‘work-in-tandem’ philosophy helps to create ownerships on both sides of the relationship. It helps to foster behavioral change. It builds momentum. From our 35 offices spanning the globe, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you, from the C-suite to the front line. You’ll find we are remarkably supportive in two-way project participation and mentoring your teams. This helps to ensure the continual transfer of both personal and corporate growth/development.

From us, you can expect highly experienced and professional people with not only an avid interest in your business but typically with direct hands-on experience in your sector. Moreover, they are incredibly passionate about what they do. The professionalism, experience and passion translate to when we actually come to work with you. We are highly pragmatic and results-driven.

Whether our focus is at a strategic, systemic or specific and tactical level, delivering tangible results to your organization is always at the forefront of our minds.

Let's co-create your industrial future