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Mario Galassini

Mario Galassini

Mario Galassini


Mario has 24 years of experience in consultancy. He initially built experience and competencies in manufacturing excellence in multinational companies, then gradually expanded to advanced quality (Six Sigma, Red X) and Engineering, and is now focused on Innovation Management. This encompasses the whole value chain, from anticipation of need to structure of trends into innovation platforms, to the lean–agile development go-to-market methods. A strong connection with advanced engineering, capabilities and organization complete the picture.

Mario works with Multinational companies both on specific new product development challenges and on progression of his clients in Innovation Management, sustaining growth of volume and margin in Pharma, FMCG, Automotive, Engineering and Machinery, Packaging and Food industries.

He is currently active as Vice President of EFESO Consulting and he leads the practice of Innovation Management; prior to that he was the Managing Director of EFESO in Italy.

Before joining EFESO he worked in the Purchasing and Supply Chain department of a leading construction company, planning and contracting big projects of high speed trains, dams and tunnels in the world.

He has a degree in Management Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano.