Improves Your Business
and the Planet
Improves Your Business
and the Planet

Industrial Sustainability is a virtuous circleYour business profits and so does the planet

All over the world, the costs of pollution and the benefits of environmental sustainability have been recognized. There are still major differences in the way different regions approach these topics, but government regulations (United Nations sustainable development goals, COP 26), investor interests, and local communities are all putting pressure on companies to rethink the way they do business. Sustainability has evolved from the production of politically correct CSR reports to a place at the heart of operations. It is no longer a “nice to have” and has become a core component of business strategy for many companies.

Organizations now understand that financial profitability is very much linked to social equity and environmental care, and the need to integrate sustainability across the value chain has been widely recognized. The booming Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) trend is also likely to accelerate energy transition – as ESG becomes ever more mainstream, institutional investors will progressively pile into renewables.

industrial sustainability

Sustainability can drive your entire business plan

The industrial landscape has become the arena in which sustainability will have a significant impact on people, profits, and the planet.

We believe that industrial sustainability can be a virtuous circle that drives your entire business plan – including your innovation and digitization. It can help create better top and bottom-line growth, better control over your value chain, a better environment for your people, and a better future – with fewer carbon emissions – for the planet.

EFESO will be at your side to help you join your sustainability strategy firmly to your overall business strategy. We will ensure that it is embedded within the entire organization and that its implementation is consistent. We are helping you prepare for the future – today.

Sustainability provides opportunitiesOptimize, Engage and Drive Innovation

$10 trillion in annual
business value by 2030

395 million jobs
created in ten years

16% increase in
market performance

How we can help youConsistent results in industrial sustainability

Define the material topics to be addressed first in your sustainability strategy and roadmap

As sustainability becomes a core component of strategy and operations, more areas, countries, and departments will lobby for the same resources. We’ll help you involve different regions in the co-creation and implementation of progressive sustainability roadmaps – and integrate sustainability in departmental business plans.

Set up a mechanism to prioritize your projects and resources - this is key

We help our clients answer their key questions such as: should we first tackle our energy procurement and utilization or should we immediately start with the redesign of our products and operational processes? Can this be done in parallel? If new products are positively impacting the health of customers but leading to an increased carbon footprint what actions should be taken to balance the overall impact?

Review your operations platform to become more efficient and reduce your ecological footprint

How would you increase your overall ESG performance if this was requested by your clients? How do you ensure that your operational processes are supported by the right data gathering and analytics?

We support you in upgrading your processes, reactively and proactively – and provide dashboards with views that meet the needs of everyone from senior management to a shop floor worker. This includes tackling those seemingly far-off greenhouse gas (GHG) targets/ We also leverage digitalization to make your business more successful and sustainable – focusing stakeholder engagement and keeping investments under control.

Kick off or accelerate the integration of sustainability programs in your company

Even when sustainability strategies are defined and roadmaps exist, many companies still struggle to actively engage their management and workforce in these initiatives. Long-term goals can appear distant, so do not always elicit immediate action. So, how do you change long-lasting habits in budgeting, project management, BAU, etc.?

We’ve been helping several organizations to take this step forward. For instance, we helped a pharmaceutical company set up an approach that mobilized its organization and brought it up to the speed needed to meet its GHG reduction targets.

Increase the efficiency of your operations – balancing financial and environmental impacts

Traditional operational excellence programs aim to improve short-term productivity and financial results, but overlook the required investments or process changes required to make the processes sustainable. We help organizations increase their operational efficiency in a systemic way, while balancing their short and long term needs.

Manage your product portfolio and customer interactions as the market evolves

Regulations and shifting customer demands require companies to proactively review and adapt their product portfolio and processes. We help you identify which products are at risk, which products represent a green opportunity, and which products would allow you to charge a green premium.

Evaluate your procurement and supply chain policies

Scope 3 GHG reduction and fair supply chain practices are becoming top priorities for industrial companies. This is leading many to look upstream and downstream in order to optimize their supply chains and increase the circularity of their products – as well as reduce and ‘greenify’ their energy use.

At EFESO we can support you tackle these challenges. For example, we helped a premium car manufacturer incorporate ESG topics as a key driver in its procurement strategies and processes. Then we focused on boosting the ESG performances of its suppliers and ensured their actions were contributing to their roadmap, which was approved by Science Based Targets.

“We invested millions and lots of effort (cost-cutting, reorganization) in an operational excellence program in one of our plants that will bring us € 12,5M recurring EBITDA benefit on a yearly basis. Only to find out that these savings will be eaten up by the increased CO2 taxation. We needed to set up a program to boost our GHG reduction.” – Chemical company

The EFESO TouchA fully integrated approach

industrial sustainability

Industrial Sustainability goes far deeper than a good sustainability strategy, an assessment, or a CSR plan. At EFESO Consulting we deliver holistic company-wide planning that will impact your operations, products, supply chain, and your stakeholders. And we go further still. We help you take responsibility for – and control of – your entire value chain. We look at your entire ecosystem. We continue where others stop. We make it happen – for good.

After getting the strategy right, it’s a matter of delivering a broad and deep implementation of your sustainability plan, making sure we embrace a corporate-wide approach, anchored in your processes and people.

We ensure this includes drivers for innovation, digitalization, and a data driven approach. This will move your organization toward a better future – with fewer carbon emissions, an improved working environment for your people, more control over the entire value chain, and consistent top and bottom-line growth. Top-down, with your industrial strategy. Bottom up, with your operational excellence systems – across end-to-end value chains.

And it’s an approach that sticks. We’ve been helping companies rethink and implement approaches to sustainable value creation for decades.

“We’re under attack by some of our competitors who produce the same products but with a green feedstock. In the meantime, we’re not leveraging, marketing sufficiently some of our products with a better GHG footprint. Thanks to Efeso’s approach we’re actively reviewing our product heatmap and reviewed our customer engagement approach.” – Chemical company

Our Services for Industrial SustainabilityDesigned to tackle your challenges

Industrial sustainability is about making positive impacts in the long run by taking a holistic approach. We closely connect your sustainability strategy with your overall business strategy, so it is embedded within the entire organization and implemented consistently.

Integrated Sustainability Assessment

We integrate sustainability themes within our well proven PHD (processes, human, and digital) assessment to provide a unique, holistic gap analysis.

Sustainability Strategy & Roadmap

We help companies find their way by providing a clear Industrial Sustainability vision and strategy, aligning sustainability maturity and transformation program.

Sustainable Products

We can help you increase the business value of your eco-friendly products throughout the complete product lifecycle.

Sustainable Operations

Companies seek to make operations carbon neutral by reducing industrial footprint and improving waste management, energy and water consumption.

Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain

We work with companies to ensure their supply chain excellence is in line with environmental and social sustainability targets.

Creating a Sustainability Culture

When striving for sustainability, companies often overlook the changes needed in their organization and culture.

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EFESO offers an All-in-One
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Let’s start a conversation on Industrial Sustainability. We integrate process, digital and human dynamics to amplify and accelerate tangible progression, while from the start ensuring anchoring and sustainability of achievements.

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