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Retailers in Europe generate over Euro 450 Billion in added value every year. The sector is also the biggest employer, providing jobs to 18.5 million colleagues (that is 9% of all jobs in Europe).

“Retailers need to change and change fast” says Ahold Delhaize Leader, Wouter Kolk.

To succeed, Retail businesses require progressive strategies executed with agility and precision. Business models must effectively balance dynamics around Value proposition, Assets (Physical and Digital), Flow (Visibility, Velocity, Variability) and Human Dynamics (customers, colleagues, stakeholder eco-system...) to deliver sustainable performance and growth.

As the profile of customers changes and buying behaviour becomes increasingly hard to predict, success starts with doing the right things right in all aspects of a retail business

EFESO brings specialist know-how and expertise to accelerate growth and progression in this dynamic sector, helping a diverse set of retail clients to maintain or improve competitive positions with success.

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At EFESO we identified the four fundamental aspects every successful retailer must follow to progress fast in the excellence journey.

  • Successful retailers put the Customer at the centre of everything

    There have been dramatic changes in consumer behaviour and expectations in recent years. Retailer progression is now more important than ever. Good is no longer good enough. In the world of mobile and connected devices, consumers have immediate access and choice at the touch of a button.

    Retailers and Brands need to accelerate differentiated strategies that engender trust, deliver on value and engage target customers with a seamless omni-channel experience.

  • Progressive retailers Continuously Innovate to keep a competitive edge

    Retailers need to look at how they innovate and develop at scale if they are to successfully transition from their legacy positions, simplify and reduce costs.

    Retailers must look at the future with “new eyes”, the old successes don’t count. Innovation must be lean and agile, as well as exploiting legacy strengths and capabilities within the business.

  • World Class retailers orchestrate the Value Chain and master Operational Excellence end to end

    Stores represent a major logistical operation in themselves. Optimizing space, flows and on-shelf availability whilst providing a great in-store experience for the customer – all delivered with at the lowest possible end to end cost.

    Each location showcases the Brand. Consistent execution is a must for service, reputation and customer advocacy.

    Optimisation of the supply network, distribution centres and omni-channel fulfilment operations remain key opportunity areas for most retailers, with advanced IT/ digital solutions and automation enabling core processes and driving a new wave of augmented progression.

  • High performing retailers take care of the people and Human Dynamics

    People are at the heart of any retail business. Engagement and empowerment are key ingredients for performance and the success of any change programme.

    From high employee satisfaction to brand ambassadorship, EFESO use a participative approach to help retail managers create their own action plans and deliver together with their teams.

    EFESO can support complex and challenging retail programmes. We bring specific retail expertise and know-how in change progression and human dynamics.

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  • Jeroen van der Meer

    Jeroen van der Meer

    EFESO Group Jeroen van der Meer is Senior Vice President at EFESO Consulting and has over 30 years managerial experience in both Read More
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    Andrea Montermini

    EFESO Italy Andrea has more than 20 years of experience as management consultant. His main competencies are in business planning and management, Read More
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    Erik Weytjens

    EFESO Belgium Erik Weytjens is a Principal consultant in EFESO’s Brussels office.  His main areas of intervention include transformation management, operational excellence, Read More
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