Request a call FACTORY OF THE FUTURE, TODAY Accelerate Digital Transformation
with Industry 4.0 and EFESO
Request a call FACTORY OF THE FUTURE, TODAY Accelerate Digital Transformation
with Industry 4.0 and EFESO

Industry 4.0 Drives Digital TransformationIs your company ready for the new industrial revolution?

Industry 4.0 represents the fourth stage of industrial (r)evolution. It is a combination of physical assets and advanced technologies that communicate, analyze, and process data and information.

It is transforming manufacturing and supply chain processes through connectivity and thereby enabling the use of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) to improve automation, communication and use of real-time data. This enables organizations and customers to be more flexible and responsive and enhances intelligent, data-driven decisions.

By applying these technologies and principles, service, efficiency, quality and safety of industrial processes can all be increased. New smart products, services and business models can also be developed that will fully exploit the potential of IoT, autonomous technologies and real-time supply chains synchronization.

Industry 4.0 thus unlocks further improvement potentials and expands business opportunities from product-based to service-based revenue streams.

Why Industry 4.0?

The smart combination of lean production with the possibilities of Industry 4.0 makes industrial companies faster, more flexible and more adaptable and at the same time opens up new revenue and value creation potential.

  • Digital transformation can accelerate business processes and thus create competitive advantages. Throughput times from development to production can be reduced by 30%, throughput times in the administrative area by up to 80%.
  • Digitization helps to avoid or automate interfaces. As a result, manual processes can be partially eliminated or transferred to workflows. People only have to make decisions, non-value-adding activities are reduced.
  • In high-wage countries, digitization helps to drastically reduce personnel costs. The greatest potential lies in the automation of manual interfaces, the use of RPAs, the integration of development, industrial engineering and production, and the automated creation of complex documents such as assembly instructions and work orders.
  • Industry 4.0 forms the technological basis for the Factory of the Future.

Industry 4.0 Delivers ResultsOptimize, Engage and Drive Innovation


Inventory Reduction
Lead Time Reduction
Change Over Time Reduction
Time2Market Reduction


Output per FTE
Scrap Reduction
Energy Cost Reduction

Industry 4.0 is currently a topic of
discussion in almost all organizations

All industries are expected to embrace digital transformation (some have already launched initiatives) – in different rates and ways.

  • Digitalization will transform any business even more than the internet did.
  • Although the general direction of Industry 4.0 is clear, the journey each company will have to take to get there is not.
  • And it seems to be a gap in understanding what the real value will be from adopting this new initiative.
  • Few companies are using new digital technology to improve their operations.
  • Companies are lagging in their implementation of digital solutions or are not ambitious enough when they do adopt what is available.

Where EFESO can help youA guide to your future-proof company

If your company has the following challenges:

  • Understand what’s going on in the manufacturing process
  • A lack of connected and real data – leading to a lack of insight into your supply chain and production process.
  • Not getting the maximum out of your people and your assets?
  • Having a hard time predicting maintenance and down time or failure better
  • Issues in adopting new technologies and a lack of innovative thinking?
  • Your organization and your people are reluctant to change

Then Industry 4.0 is the solution for you!
The EFESO Consulting team can help you successfully meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 and the large opportunities it brings.

EFESO is one of the leading experts for industrial digitization, Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT. Our multidisciplinary expertise is based on in-depth technical, methodological and technological know-how as well as extensive experience from several hundred client projects. We have a large footprint allowing us to support our clients in all continents. In the DACH region, we operate under the name of ROI – EFESO.

Our Services for Industry 4.0EFESO Consulting delivers tailor-made products and services to make your Industry 4.0 transformation possible

Our Digital solutions are fully integrated and take a holistic view on how to meet the challenge, including the human side of it, one of the most important element if not the most critical. This way we boost the results we can reach with our clients, offering a true and very pragmatic partnership.

The starting point for your sustainable Industry 4.0 strategy is a complete and objective view of the opportunities and implementation hurdles existing in your company. We are happy to support you in this analysis and implementation.

As an experienced partner, EFESO Consulting guide your way to exploit the potential of Industry 4.0 and help you become a future-proof company, from both an operational and organizational perspectives.

Digitalization Strategy

Holistic Smart Factory Concept (PHD: Processes, Human Dynamics, Digitalization), with a transparent business case and feasible roadmap. Quick check and maturity assessment, together with uses cases (> 400 use case library), co-development of target picture and detailed solution concepts (> 100 eco-system partners) and development of business case and roadmap (short-mid-long-term).

Digital Transformation Management

Make it happen: Ensure that the target picture is implemented on time with the right partners and within the defined budget. Program and project management, together with vendor selection, integration and coordination of all partners & suppliers.

Advanced Analytics & Digital Twin

Support industrial companies in the use of data along the entire value chain. Implementation of digital twins to improve performance and quality of supply chains, production processes, maintenance and service, selection of IoT architecture up to the anchoring of the new competencies and roles in the organization. EFESO advises clients on strategic and technical issues as well as on employees qualification.

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EFESO offers All-in-One
Services for Industry 4.0

We integrate process, digital and human dynamics to amplify and accelerate tangible progression, while from the start ensuring anchoring and sustainability of achievements.

  • Reach tangible industrial results in the short and long term
  • Value chain optimization
  • Boost profits and savings