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The next level of value creation in private equity

In the current economic climate, private equity firms are facing extended holding periods due to high interest rates, inflation, and a slowdown in deal-making.

Operational Excellence 2.0 – Well Beyond Low-Hanging Fruit

Traditional value creation methods no longer suffice. Our whitepaper introduces Operational Excellence 2.0 — a transformative approach that drives significant results, even in today’s challenging market conditions.

Discover the cutting-edge strategies in our latest whitepaper, "The Next Level of Value Creation in Private Equity," authored by our expert colleagues from ARGO-EFESO, part of EFESO Management Consultants.

Operational Excellence 2.0: Beyond the Basics

To thrive, private equity firms need to adopt more advanced and impactful initiatives. Our whitepaper highlights five critical areas where Operational Excellence 2.0 can make a significant difference: Accelerated Footprint Optimization: Realign assets and streamline production to boost efficiency and returns. Maintenance and Reliability Programs: Reduce downtime and extend the life of your assets with proactive maintenance strategies. Rapid Lean Transformations: Implement lean practices that enhance productivity and profitability quickly. Product Profitability and Portfolio Management: Gain clear insights into product profitability to make smarter pricing and production decisions. Innovation: Develop efficient R&D processes to bring new products to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Real Results from Industry Leaders

The current private equity market demands innovative solutions. Firms must move beyond traditional value creation methods and embrace Operational Excellence 2.0 to stay competitive. Our whitepaper provides actionable strategies and real-world examples. Learn how companies have reconfigured their production networks, reduced unplanned downtimes by up to 50%, and achieved dramatic improvements in productivity and EBITDA margins. These success stories illustrate the powerful impact of Operational Excellence 2.0 on portfolio companies.

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