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Are companies ready to integrate environmental transition into their DNA?

In this article, Pierre Maugery-Pons, Vice-President of EFESO Management Consultants, questions the ability of industries to integrate ESG criteria into their business models.

Corporate action in favor of environmental transition is crucial. Industrial companies have a central role to play in our common dynamic. They help define the ecological framework for future generations. However, on closer examination, ESG is a role given to companies. Initially a political function, it has gradually become part of the DNA of industrials. Economic players thus have a role to play, as do governments.

The gap between commitments and reality on the ground

While it is true that economic players have a role to play in the environmental transition, this dynamic creates an “expectation effect”: companies must be ESG-compatible at all costs, and have strong ambitions. To counter this situation, most organizations are engaging in a dynamic of over-communication. Professions of faith are legion, and some players even go so far as to “embellish” their commitment.

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