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Procurement & Cost Management


The role of Procurement in today’s business arena is ever more important.

Among the main challenges, the first is that procurement organisational concepts are evolving towards new models, for instance, Local and Glocal and Central vs. Decentral.

The increased competition leads to increased complexity (integration, risk management). If we look at the market, the rapid market changes and loss of insight into cost structures (insourcing, outsourcing) require Fair Price evaluation practice like ‘Should Cost’ and competitive tear-down.

We also need to consider that World Class focus has shifted from transactional to relational, value-based practices with a new and versatile set of value improvement methodologies. In general, we see that organizations are moving from a supply chain view to a full Value Chain view, in which procurement is a fully integrated practice, that works with all functions including R&D, supply chain, manufacturing and sales and marketing.

Last but not least, the role of the buyer is different: World-class buyers must become experienced value chain integrators, which requires continuous learning and evolving skills, like Contract Management and Value Analysis.

EFESO Consulting professionals are uniquely equipped to help you address and overcome these challenges. Our experts will help you to:

  • Understand your level of maturity and seize opportunities, both within the Procurement organization and across your integrated Value Chain - from R&D right through to your Customers
  • Shape the best sourcing and cost management strategies for your company, knowing where to have relational contracts and where to have transactional
  • Turn those strategies into practical actions for rapid results today, as well as sustainable results tomorrow
  • Align your own organization, processes and systems to ensure sustainability
  • Build your leading-edge capabilities, including digital visibility and ‘Should Cost’ tools

Procurement is fully integrated into our model for Value Chain Progression, so we can assure you of our quality support both in functional improvement and in End-2-End Value Chain Optimization.

Andrea Montermini


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A value generation approach is crucial now that organizations are shifting from a Supply Chain to a Value Chain view, where Procurement is an integrated practice working with all the functions R&D, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Sales & Marketing included.



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