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EFESO Consulting is proud to serve a broad base of satisfied clients in many industries.

Work in tandem

Through original, focused and effective solutions, in tandem with our clients we ensure practical, competitive and measurable results in the following industries.

Improving your results today. Securing your results for tomorrow.


Food and Beverage

Across the globe, the food and beverage industry is facing fierce pressure on margins and value. Growth is spread across even more products.

Forest and Packaging

EFESO has extensive experience ensuring sustainable progression in Forest and Packaging Industry-organisations.

Pharma and Biotech

The EFESO Pharma & Labs practice is the global leader in the provision of Real Lean Transformation© services to Life Science Companies.


Customer Service, Speed, Agility and Innovation are key words as well as success factors of the modern cosmetics industry. The Cosmetics sector is in continuous evolution.


Retailers in Europe generate over Euro 450 Billion in added value every year. To succeed, Retail businesses require progressive strategies executed with agility and precision


The global chemical industry is experiencing deep transformation. Elements driving this are for example the emergence of new, low-cost energy and feedstock appearing in the marketplace

Aerospace & Defence

The Aerospace & Defence industry is truly global. Its ecosystem is comprised of a complex, world-wide network of organisations that fulfils commercial, industrial and military needs.


The Automotive industry has evolved into an ecosystem. Megatrends affect the ballpark of any player, independent of segment, region or size.

  • Fast moving Consumer Goods…

    As the profile of customers changes and buying behaviour becomes increasingly hard to predict success…

  • Financial Services

    The Financial Services industry has overcome some major challenges. It is still in a situation…

  • Hospitals & Healthcare

    Like other services, healthcare, and specifically hospitals, are subject to constant changes in your eco-system.…

  • Logistics & Transport

    The Transport industry is facing challenges that are related to regulatory decisions and climate considerations.…

  • Luxury Goods

    The Luxury industry faces a situation of slow but steady growth when looking purely at…

  • Manufacturing

    Currently Manufacturing companies that succeed are the ones able to adapt best and fastest to…

  • Oil & Gas

    The Oil & Gas industry is facing challenging times pushing organizations to seek for improvements…

  • Process Industry

    Companies in the Process Industry are mostly working on bottom-line results at the moment. The…

  • Public Sector

    EFESO Consulting is regarded by government entities as a top-tier partner for conceptualising, designing and…

  • Utilities

    In this industry there are major shifts taking place. Smart cities, smart homes, customer churn…

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